Monday, 18 June 2007

My Version Of Henry Mancini's, Days Of wine And Roses

I'm amazed at the amount of viewings my version of Henry Mancini's Days Of wine And Roses has had on youtube.

Several people have left some lovely comments and also reminded me how bad my piano is, it really is out of tune, as soon as I can afford a new piano, I will get one.

I have been looking on ebay, but they're so expensive, I know if I keep looking, I will eventually find one.

Thanks again for all kind words, I am only now realizing how fantastic the Internet really is, someone has offered to let me have a go on their grand piano, I can't wait .

Been looking all over the internet at some great, count basie, duke ellington and oscar peterson videos, jazz improvisation at its best, awesome jazz piano from all three of these jazz legends.

Anyway, enough rambling, speak soon.

Best Regards
Jazz Unleashed

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