Monday, 26 March 2007

Jazz Piano Imoprovisation 'Days of wine And Roses'

I have put together this rendition of Henry Mancini's "The days Of Wine And Roses" which should appeal to and enthusiasts alike.
Once again the emphasis is on , Chords, Harmony and the use of a lot of chord substitutes.I hope you like the piece.

, and are three of my favourite . They are probably three of the greatest jazz pianists ever. I'm going to film a rarley played Count Basie number, called 'Blue and Sentimental' Written by Basie but not often heard.

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Jey Lu said...

Nice going there. I really like your voicings! For the moment, i'm studying jazz piano in Norway, alongside a bachelor-study in musicology. My primary task is to work on jazz voicing, mostly because i've been playing so much on my own that my left hand is just playing a bassline. So seeing and hearing people voice differently is very helpfull. Maybe you can record your own version of 'Georgia on my mind' as well?