Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Jazz Piano

What is Jazz piano?

Having played Jazz piano for the last 45 years, I can only describe Jazz piano as a matter of improvisation of any tune, in other words being able to play a tune a hundred different ways. Not everyone can play Jazz.

You first learn to play piano by taking basic music lessons, and learning to read music, then progress into Jazz piano.

Probably the worlds greatest ever , is the wonderful . Improvisation and Swinging piano at its very best.

The amazing is another example of a great improvisor and swinger, working a wonderful Orchestra.

Having been taught piano with a classical grounding, I found I was Jazz orientated from an early age. I was soon Jazzing up my classical pieces which I was given to do, much to the consternation of my music teacher.

After just 5 years of tuition, I found myself in a position to go out gigging, first on drums, as I was also learning this instrument. Later on, I started gigging on piano with my trio.

I have now been playing for 45 years as a with combinations from trio to big band.
For anyone thinking of getting into playing Jazz piano I can highly recommend the life.

I have played just about every type of gig you can think of including my time on the road with various big bands. I have had a wonderful time, having been associated with hundreds of musicians, including some of the great .


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